Simple Wishlist Shopify App Documentation

Step 1: Install the app :

a: Please Select Yes to enable the app.

-Image reference Click me 

Step 2:  Button format  and Wishlist Box :

a: For Button format according to you want to show in please select and then click the Save.

b: For Wishlist Box ,If you want to show please select Yes .If you don’t want to show please select No and then  Save.

– Image reference Click me

Step 3 : Put short code into file :

  1. For Collection page :

a: Copy the short code (image reference click me )

b : Go to collection-template.liquid (Debut theme) .Here you can see that product-grid-item.liquid file included so go to product-grid-item.liquid and put short code before end the div

(image reference click me )

2. For Single product page :

a : Go to product-template.liquid file and put after end the form (Image reference click me ) or we can also add any place in the product template

3. For home page (Featured products )or any page where products are showing ,we can use short code for   wishlist.

Step 4 : Show all wishlist item in the single page 

a : Go to Shopify admin and go to pages section and create a new page use the name wishlist (or you want to give any desire name ) .

b : Under this page click the <> under the description tab .Put this short code to this description tab (Image reference click me 

Note : After Change the settings ,go to frontend and do hard refresh.

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